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When a group of individuals or businesses experience similar injuries or losses, they can choose to take legal action against the responsible party. Filing a class action lawsuit allows the injured parties to pursue compensation and justice when they have been wronged. Plaintiffs may bring a class action lawsuit against a business or government entity for a number of reasons, including receiving injuries from defective products, being victims of consumer or securities fraud, or suffering from corporate misconduct. The skilled legal professionals at Sewell Sewell Beard LLC are prepared to represent you during a class action lawsuit, and they will work closely with you during each step of the process so that you feel supported and validated. With decades of experience handling class action lawsuits, our firm is well-equipped to provide you with thorough and effective legal representation. Call us today to get started.

Understanding Class Action Lawsuits

In a class action lawsuit, potential plaintiffs are typically contacted by mail, newspaper, or online. These notifications include information on plaintiff eligibility and how an individual or business may become a plaintiff in the case. Once the court has reached a decision, the ruling applies to every participant who fits the court’s original definition of an eligible class member, regardless of whether they formally participate in the lawsuit. Included with the court’s ruling is a “plan of distribution,” identifying how the settlement will be distributed among each plaintiff.

Strength in Numbers

In many cases, when an individual suffers minor injuries, whether physical or financial, the cost of filing a lawsuit as the sole plaintiff is impractical. The costs associated with the lawsuit greatly outweigh the potential reward, should the plaintiff prevail. However, when a number of plaintiffs who have suffered similar injuries band together, the value of the individual claims adds up, and the consolidation of attorneys, evidence, witnesses, and other litigation costs makes the lawsuit more practical. Sewell Sewell Beard LLC understands the benefits of class action lawsuits, and we are here to help you evaluate your options for receiving the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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