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May 13, 2024

How Much Notice Will You Receive if Your Property Faces Condemnation in Texas?

If a government entity is invoking its eminent domain power in Texas, it must provide you with ample notice of upcoming condemnation proceedings that will impact your private property. Discuss your options with a trusted and highly qualified Texas condemnation lawyer to learn more.
April 27, 2024

Can Eminent Domain Address the Urban Foreclosure Crisis?

Although eminent domain may be useful in addressing the urban foreclosure crisis, states like Alabama and Texas have taken steps to restrict such actions that seize private property from individuals to develop affordable housing options.
April 13, 2024

Know Your Rights: Alabama Homeowners’ Legal Protections in Highway Condemnation

Alabama provides several legal protections to homeowners facing condemnation for proposed highway projects. Talk to an experienced condemnation lawyer to learn more about how you can exercise your rights to negotiate a fair and favorable outcome.
March 27, 2024

Eminent Domain vs. Condemnation: What’s the Difference For Property Owners?

As a property owner in Alabama or Texas, you may hear the terms eminent domain and condemnation used interchangeably. However, eminent domain refers to an entity’s constitutional right to seize private property, while condemnation refers to the legal process itself.
March 13, 2024

Maximizing Compensation: Negotiation Strategies in Eminent Domain For Alabama

Alabama property owners have the right to negotiate a fair compensation offer from the condemning authority when facing an eminent domain action. Talk to a condemnation lawyer today to learn more about how you can maximize the amount of compensation you can receive in exchange for your land.
February 27, 2024

Public-Private Partnerships and Condemnation in Texas: Navigating Complexities

While public entities have the right to condemn private property for public use, Texas extends this right to certain qualifying private entities as well. As a Texas landowner, it’s essential to understand your legal rights and options when facing a condemnation action.

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