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Matters pertaining to commercial leases can quickly grow complex. Any number of disagreements may arise between landlords and tenants, and unresolved disputes can escalate into costly and time-consuming courtroom battles. Even a seemingly straightforward lease negotiation may snowball into a complicated legal dispute once the tenant occupies the space and begins operations, especially if the parties approach these negotiations without enlisting legal representation. Whether you are a commercial landlord or tenant in Alabama or Texas, it’s in your best interests to work with a knowledgeable and trusted real estate attorney as you navigate lease negotiation matters. The seasoned and caring commercial real estate lawyers at Sewell Sewell Beard LLC are ready to listen to your goals, represent your best interests, and identify the most strategic path forward to secure you the desired outcome with your lease. 

Understanding the Basics of Commercial Leases in Alabama and Texas

First, it’s helpful to understand how commercial leases work in Alabama and Texas. Commercial leases typically involve two parties: the landlord (the individual, or business that owns the property) and the tenant (the individual, or business that pays rent to the owner). Most commercial leases rely on comprehensive legal documents that specify the terms of the agreement, including the rent amount, the length of the rental term, how the space will be used, landlord and tenant responsibilities, options for renewing the lease, and how disputes will be handled and resolved. 

Common Legal Disputes Involving Commercial Leases

Disputes involving commercial leases can arise for any number of reasons. For example, a tenant that owes delinquent rent payments to the landlord can prompt the landlord to take legal action in order to recover the amount they’re owed. Sometimes, the parties disagree about whether the landlord or the tenant should bear responsibility for any necessary repairs. In some cases, the landlord may increase the base rate for the rental, much to the consternation of the tenant. Disputes over the details of the commercial lease often require a nuanced understanding of the written contract and existing real estate laws governing these transactions and negotiations. 

Empowering You to Protect Your Legal Rights

Both Texas and Alabama provide legal protections for commercial landlords and tenants. Unfortunately, poorly worded or unclearly written contracts can exacerbate misunderstandings and disagreements between landlords and tenants. It’s best to enlist the guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable commercial real estate attorney to help you negotiate a lease from the beginning. The sooner you involve an experienced attorney in your commercial lease negotiation matter, the more you can minimize on the front end the potential for confusing (and costly) legal disputes in the future. The seasoned commercial real estate lawyers at Sewell Sewell Beard LLC have been doing this work for nearly 40 years and are ready to help you establish a clear and enforceable lease agreement that protects your best interests moving forward. We will take every detail into account to ensure that you will have comprehensive and direct legal guidance should a dispute arise. In the event of a disagreement, you can trust that we will seek the most practical and efficient path forward to secure a favorable resolution.

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Whether you are a commercial landlord or tenant in Alabama or Texas, the seasoned and caring commercial real estate lawyers at Sewell Sewell Beard LLC are ready to help you secure your desired outcome.